What we do

Web copy – authoritative, well-researched words for your website that describe your services and people in an understandable, relatable way. We’ll ask you who your current or desired customers are and write with them in mind. No keyword-stuffing, no tricks to create high volumes of useless traffic, just understandable, to-the-point, grammatically accurate and relevant copy that will address the targets you give us.

Product descriptions – straightforward, useful product descriptions for your e-commerce platforms that meet the expectations of customers and have maximum effectiveness at eBay, Amazon, Google …

Search Engine Optimisation – actually, we don’t really think of SEO as something separate. It is inherent in all our copy, both on the screen and in the background. Accessibility is important too. Taking care of accessibility issues will mean that your content is rewarded by search engines: an accessible website benefits all your users.

German translation – using a very talented bilingual native German speaker. Long or short copy translations welcome.